Thursday, August 27, 2015

Round 4

Contrary to expectations it feels like the chemo rounds are getting easier. Perhaps it is because, as we were told before, the first round or two can be bumpy as things are figured out, like what meds work, how diet goes, and learning to navigate the treatment in general.

Mind you, although his Round 4 chemo has now been administered, there is probably a complication or three coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Mark tends to sleep during his chemo days at the hospital. A new medication he is being given this time seems to be making a world of difference. He is still barely eating, instead still getting fed through the NG tube, but nonetheless is reporting barely any nausea and no pain. He was awake today for about 16 hours save for a single short power nap. His mood is very good, and he still makes the nurses laugh.

With school starting up, it was necessary for me to switch out with Wendi on Wednesday night and be the bedside parent, and we have watched movies, as well as some Dr. Who and MST3K, played some 5-card stud, he's worked on logic puzzles, and we have just enjoyed some nice chats.

One sign of too much hospital time was that when I arrived at the hospital Wednesday night, my first time back in about a month, the girl at the security desk spotted me while dealing with other people. While still talking to them, she looked up Mark's room and had my security badge ready before they left. She held it out to me as I approached, before I could say anything. I hadn't even known what room he was in until then. Hope the hospital knows she's a keeper.

All signs point to going home tomorrow, and then hunkering back down into his at-home medication regimen, and hoping the side effects remain manageable. The feel-good moments of an uneventful hospital stay will most likely give way to issues while back home, so please keep Mark in your prayers. Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! You are all so brave and cheerful, and I'm sorry you need to be. Bless you. I pray you stay safe and feel, always, the love that surrounds you.

  2. Happy that Mark is handling this round seemingly better than the previous ones. Praying that there will no problems ahead.

  3. Happy that this round seems to be going better!