Thursday, January 29, 2015

Much Better

This morning Mark had a real breakfast off the menu, feeling much better. Overnight, in steps, his arterial line, IJ neck line, and Foley catheter were removed. Anything to reduce the number of tethers makes him a little happier. Overall, right now he is still spent, but the run-over-by-a-truck impression is fading.

Mark has been asking for some snack foods since the evening of his surgery, and I finally started a list so he wouldn't keep asking if I remembered certain things. The order is being filled today, though we've told him his access will be metered, don't want to go bonkers, but how much harm can you cause with pretzel sticks, really?

So very early this morning, Mark wakes up and asks Wendi..."Did you get the stuff from my snack bag yet?"

Wendi: "No, Genny or Grandma will bring it later, but it's still really early."

Mark: "But I just can't wait.......waiting is part of life."

Wendi: "You're right."

Mark: "Especially with kittens."

Wendi: ........

Mark: "And babies. Babies and kittens. They're both so cute."

Wendi: "....Yep. Why don't you rest some more?"


We got to see yesterday's MRI this morning, and it looks like about 85% of the tumor was removed. Looking at the scan, seeing the tumor in the center of his brain, all the scary things you have to get past to access it, even though we of course hoped for near 100%, that 85% still seems nearly miraculous.

We have discovered that there is a clinical trial going on at St Jude's Research Hospital for the type of cancer Mark probably has, and the staff here is helping get us aligned for maybe applying to participate if it fits and can help. We shall see.

Parting tale of Mark later this morning.....Wendi was stepping out to get Mark a breakfast thing not on the menu. As she was leaving, he said "....and get yourself a coffee. You've earned it. I mean, you've been taking care of me all week. I'd pay for it, too, but I lost all my money at home."

Oh, Mark. My sweet, sweet Mark, you are amazing.


  1. Mark, My friend Cynthia Schlegel, ( a friend from EMT school) left this message for you on a page I use to update people to pray for you: "I only know you through your aunt Karen M. Myers face book but I can feel your loving spirit .....there is a big football game coming up and the players who are ALL amazing tell you "NEVER GIVE UP " keep fighting you have so many encouraging you and pushing for you to beat this all GO HAWKS and GO MARK lots of us love you kiddo!!!!"

    By Aunt Karen — Jan 31, 2015 8:10pm

  2. Mark is AMAZING!!!!! What child would respond this way with such mature comments. Love him, we do. He is one tough Rooster. God Bless.

    By Joe Russo — Jan 30, 2015 10:19am

  3. What a sweetie. I can't help but smile BIG after reading this and I just got dental work done today and it hurts! He's worth smiling for! :)

    Great news, thanks for sharing!

    By Heather Owens & Family — Jan 29, 2015 7:52pm

  4. Glad to hear your on the mend Mark. Spent 4 days in the ICU myself in September. I know its no fun.
    Keep up the good work, and get well soon.

    By Chris Ebeling, ECFR — Jan 29, 2015 4:00pm

  5. Oh, Frank and Wendi, we will put Mark getting accepted at St. Jude's on the top of our prayer list. That is a fabulous hospital and what they do is nothing short of a miracle. I have seen the hospital, but never went inside. My ex was going to "B" school in Millington, TN in 1964 which is about 20 miles away.

    By Cooki — Jan 29, 2015 2:37pm

  6. Such a sweet boy and sounds like things are looking up a bit. Stay strong everybody <3 Good job Mark at being awesome all the time!

    By Tristina Yarzombek — Jan 29, 2015 2:07pm

  7. He IS amazing!!! So glad to hear he's starting to rebound and got some of that stuff off! Go Mark!

    By Liz Phelan — Jan 29, 2015 1:49pm

  8. Such a great kid! We love you guys. Please tell Mark Paul loves him and really misses him.

    By Jason & Shelley Rose — Jan 29, 2015 1:25pm

  9. Frank and Wendi, my 8 month old has a respiratory virus right now and she's miserable....I've been going insane wishing and praying she'd get better, it's a waiting game that I don't have patience for. That cannot come close to what you and your family are going through. Please tell Mark that your Firefighter buddy in Pennsylvania is pulling for him. And you and mom and the rest of the tribe, too. God bless.

    By Randy "Yardo" Yardumian — Jan 29, 2015 12:58pm

  10. Awwww. He is so sweet and precious and cute! Well I wish they'd gotten it all but 85% is much better than 75%! He is continually in my prayers and I still have other ppl praying for him. I want God to dry up that nasty ol tumor! God bless you all. Plz give Mark a hug for me and tell him I love him. And that I'm so proud of him for being so positive and brave! ♡♡♡♡♡

    By nancy — Jan 29, 2015 12:54pm

  11. I love this update times infinity! I'm glad to see some hope in the results that we've gotten so far. And Mark is the sweetest sweetest boy ever. I love him to the moon and back!

    By Aunt Karen — Jan 29, 2015 12:41pm

  12. Mark. You make my heart smile.....! Praying for you!

    And for the rest of the family as well. Keeping you in my heart.

    By amity Candee — Jan 29, 2015 12:39pm