Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Surgery date has been changed

We were just informed that the 2nd of the two neurosurgeons set to do Mark's surgery has had a family emergency arise and had to leave town.

After some consultation with our primary surgeon, surgery is now scheduled for the other surgeon's first day back. They cleaned off the schedule for that day so Mark is on top of the agenda...the only one on the agenda, actually. One of the nice things about finding the cancer so early (you have to make the best of nice things wherever you find them) is that the relative urgency to do surgery is diminished, so the delay is not significant.

In any case, the new surgery date is Tuesday January 27.

If you're the praying type and have had Mark in your prayers, might want to consider adding Mark's 2nd surgeon for whatever his family is going through now.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.


  1. Thanks for letting us know and special prayers for Mark and all the family and the surgeon's family.

    By Peggy O'Connor — Jan 16, 2015 12:39am

  2. God bless you Mark, stay strong little buddy and always stay positive! You are a very brave and strong young man and must be making your parents so proud. You are in my prayers and I will spread the word about you. If you would like a patch, just let me know! 973-600-4961

    By Rich Mackey, Newark NJ fire department — Jan 15, 2015 10:14pm

  3. Mark and Billington Family my family and CC Campus are praying for you. We pray divine precision and clarity for your Surgeon, quick and speedy recover for Mark, God's loving comfort for your family and divine appointments and connections during this whole "walk".

    By Mary Beth Cox — Jan 15, 2015 3:56pm

  4. Hi Mark, I'm at work in Security, checking ID's and monitoring entrances and exits. I'm 70 and still working. LOL. I'll never really retire-there are too many interesting things to learn. :) OK, so your surgery has been postponed a little. No big deal right? It is what it is!!! As they say. I had open heart surgery in 1996, so far so good. LOL. I have a son who is a Firefighter EMT, and another who is a Landscaper, and I have a daughter too. They all wanted me to say HELLO! Catch 'ya later Mark. Joe

    By Joe Russo — Jan 15, 2015 8:57am

  5. We will pray for all involved! We miss you at CC Billingtons!

    By Kim Sevier — Jan 14, 2015 8:39pm

  6. Your faith and concern for others is so refreshing and your love for Christ is evident in your updates. we pray for you Mark as a family daily

    By Monica Roemmich — Jan 14, 2015 8:16pm

  7. Yes, praying for u guys!!! Love u guys!!! Nd, will say prayers for the surgeon as well! !! U are so amazing unk. I love that u find positive in everything! !!

    By Amanda Williams — Jan 14, 2015 7:44pm

  8. Yes, I will pray for the surgeon, too. Thank you for the update.

    By Marliss Bombardier — Jan 14, 2015 7:10pm

  9. Family and medical teams are being prayed for.

    By Cooki — Jan 14, 2015 6:57pm