Monday, July 13, 2015

At The End of the Day

I've been blessed by more visitors in the last two days. Yesterday Amity, Catalina (with two of her sweet children), and Christine all came to visit, each bringing me a lovely treat. It made the day fly by and it was lovely to have more adult conversation.
Today all of my family (that live with me) came to visit! Frank stayed with Mark (which they needed) and I got to go with the children out and about (which we all needed). It was so nice to spend time with them. It has lightened the load and brightened my spirit. I am feeling much better.
Mark has been nauseated again today, throwing up this afternoon. He also spiked a fever again this morning. The last blood culture came back negative (meaning the fever was not from a blood infection), but they had to do another one with the new fever. We currently don't have a target day for leaving. Sigh. But right now he is sleeping soundly finally (they wanted him to stop the morphine so we hadn't been doing pain meds today, but Mark finally admitted he needed them and so he is more comfortable again).
 He also had to have another red blood cell transfusion. They're expecting him to need platelets again tomorrow because they are dropping as well (that will be his fourth platelet transfusion this round).
I'm feeling like a broken record. The doctors suggested maybe we should start weaning him off the iv meds again. I said I feel like we are exactly where we were last Monday, except now he feels worse and has a fever. They didn't push it.
One good thing, though, is his WBC was up to .2 this morning. It's been under .1 for a week, so the slight upward trend is encouraging. I think right now they're just hoping he starts to feel better as they climb.


  1. Erin Lund JohnsonJuly 13, 2015 at 7:07 PM

    Hoping tomorrow will be better. Thinking of you every day. xo

  2. I too hooe he will do better today and in the future. Love that lil guy! Hugs!