Thursday, July 9, 2015


"He's right," Mark says.

I am busy typing an email and have to stop to figure out what he is talking about. A song is playing and it takes me a second to place it. "What?" I ask.

As Mark is falling asleep, we are listening to his favorite Pandora channel, based on the Newsboys. The song is "Give me your eyes" by Brandon Heath. (I am putting a link at the bottom so you can listen to the song if you have never heard it.)

"He's right," he repeats. "When we see people on the street or at the store, we treat them like NPC's."

(NPC = Non-Player Character, like the random background people in a video game that are of little importance and generally ignored)

"You're right. What could we do about that?"

"Wave at them. Smile."

So that is Mark's challenge to each of you tonight. I told him I was putting this on the blog and he smiled. He wants you all to go out tomorrow and work hard to not treat others like NPCs. Smile. Wave. Make people wonder what you're up to. Do it for Mark, because you never know what that person is going through. God bless you all! Good night.


  1. Hi Mark, Glad to hear from you, Rocket Man!!! Every time I feed my son Mark's chickens I think of you. LOL. They're going into a molt so, we cut back on the high protein laying mash, and feed them a lower protein scratch grains, (cracked corn, oats) to recycle their body. Producing an egg a day takes alot, and, they need to stop for awhile and take a rest from egg making. We have 19 chickens. We lost our Turkey to a respiratory disease. We tried antibiotics, when to a vet, who recommended the State Veterinarian. He said the bird could not recover. Just want you to know that your New Jersey friends wish you well. You are a soldier! ! ! Love, The Russo's.

  2. That is awesome Mark! I will try my hardest to do this not just today but every day and with each wave, smile, or good deed, I will be thinking of you! Cheryl McGinley

  3. You inspire me to be better. Thank you!

  4. definitely taking up this challenge! Much Love, the Cassidys