Thursday, July 9, 2015

One day more

We were hoping to go home today, but no such luck. Yesterday was a hard day, with Mark's nausea increasing and a headache in the evening. We'd been moving to having all his meds by mouth, so we could go home. After taking his morning meds today, he became nauseated again, which lasted a couple of hours. I finally suggested he try some toast, just something light so that his stomach had something in it other than just water and medicine (he still hasn't been able to eat). He put one bite in his mouth and began to vomit. So, not a good idea after all.

The team came in a bit after that, hoping he'd be able to go home. He was just exhausted and moaning, and when they asked him if he wanted to go home, he said no, he wanted to feel better first. Back to the hall again. The doctor said (nicely) if he was going to bee miserable here, he might as well be miserable at home, that maybe going home would help. I agreed, but as we talked it seemed that the nausea had come back when we switched him off the IV meds back to oral. I explained that I had no wish to just stay in the hospital indefinitely, but if we could make him comfortable in the hospital by giving him IV meds, I would prefer that to taking him home and letting him be miserable.

We decided to use today to try a new anti nausea med and to put one of the other meds back on IV, then discuss going home again tomorrow.

After that he developed some severe pain in his legs. Once the antinausea med was switched back to IV and he had an Oxy, he began to feel better. We had a nice visit with Gen and Chi who had brought Nick, Bella, and Joe with them. He had a great PT appointment, and then he developed another headache which he rated at a 3 (which is high for him). Now he's resting again, and another Oxy is helping the headache go away. We'll see how he does over night. Maybe we'll head home tomorrow.

Hugs to you all.


  1. Hugs and prayers to you all. Praying Mark will get to come home today.

  2. Hi, Mark, Wendi & all the Billington's,
    we were at St. Anne's this morning. We all prayed aloud for all of you. Not sure u remember us. I, Christine, played a lot of music for St. Anne's til 2 years ago. We've been gone for a while but are showing up there more often these days. Blessings, peace and healing to each of you, Christine