Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Still Here

We're still at the hospital today. Mark's c diff seemed to come back with a vengeance yesterday, so the doctors decided to put him on a new antibiotic. In the meantime his platelets fell too low over night, so he is currently getting his first platelet transfusion.

Yesterday he was experiencing a tickling sensation in his bones which was causing him a lot of distress. It was decided that this is probably a sign of spreading neuropathy from the vincristine (one of his chemo drugs) he is getting (it happened last week when he received vincristine as well). They said it is causing his neurons to misfire and confusing the signals. This is also the reason he is hypersensitive to touch and pressure.

Today PT brought him a walker and taught him how to use it. We will be receiving one to take home from the hospital because he is still having significant issues with balance. Even with the walker, someone has to be with him at all times when he's walking because he is "tippy".

Last night I finally took time to look at our pre-cancer family pictures taken by our friends Emma and Will. It was so bittersweet and I had a hard time getting to sleep after. Praying to see him back to his cheery self someday.

Hugs to you all!


  1. Love and prayers to you all, every day!

  2. Thinking of you all everyday.
    ((HUGS)) -Debra-

  3. Mark, you are in all of my prayers and have all of my love.
    Aunt Susie

  4. Cried reading this. Praying for some improvement and comfort for Mark. <3

  5. Mark, i pray that u get better very soon! And always pray for all of you. I miss u and i love you. Hugs! God bless you! 💝