Saturday, July 18, 2015

Prayers again

We came home Thursday. I thought I had posted, but evidently not. At home we are on close to the same scheduke, except there are no nurses to help. He has been feeling stronger and happier the last two days, but tonight he is feeling very nauseated again. He tried to eat some smoothie today. Yesterday he managed that, plus a couple bites of chicken and rice. Today the smoothie has caused him to feel very yucky. Prayers that he will get better. We are trying to wean him off the anti-nausea meds, because he starts chemo again in just over a week and he was pretty much maxed out on them when we left; I moved him to every three hours last night instead of every two. Not sure it's working. But they want somewhere to be able to go if the chemo makes it worse.


  1. poor Mark! He just cannot catch a break. We continue to pray for him. And for Mom and Dad having to see their baby suffer through it all. We also pray for the rest of the kids seeing their brother go through this and having their parents have to focus so much of their time. We love you very much. Karen and Brian

  2. Hang in there kiddo! We are sending all our good vibes your way! The McGinley's

  3. God is with you, Mark! I pray you will feel his presence. The Lord brings thoughts of you to me throughout the day, and at night, when I lay there and cannot sleep, I pray for you- and for your family. I am sure there are many friends who do the same. Hang in there! With love and continued prayers...
    Diane- ( I live in Tacoma area and am a friend of Karen and Brian. I also have family that live in the same town as you-what a small world!)