Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies

Mark is doing much better today overall. He was awake for a bit this morning, playing solitaire on the tv, watching Winter Soldier, and even having one bite of French toast!

On the downside, he's begin hallucinating, which he hasn't done at length since after his brain surgery. We weren't sure what was causing it then either. There are a number of variables with all of the meds he's on. Last night we had to put the bed alarm because he tried to get out of bed a couple of times while he was disoriented - one of the times he kept "yelling" happy birthday as he struggled to get up.
The Dr got to see it today. I woke Mark up while he was in the room. Mark looked at me and at first didn't really see me, then he focused on me and startled, looking very alarmed. He reached out and touched my face and asked me what was wrong and why I had turned blue. I told him it was ok, I'd turn back to my normal color later and he could just go back to sleep and not worry, which is exactly what he did. Its strange because he's aware of what is going on but he sees other things in addition to share really here and he mixes things up. It's hard to explain. He told Frank yesterday he kept thinking the IV pole was Joseph.

Between that and his headaches they're considering doing an mri this week. We'll continue to keep you updated. If nothing else, it's definitely keeping things interesting. Hugs to you all and happy Sunday! God is good, all the time :).


  1. Erin Lund JohnsonJuly 12, 2015 at 3:15 PM

    And this is posted by BlueGirl, too. Sounds so hard, for you both. Praying for you every day! xo

  2. Thank you. I'm sitting at my Security post, having read your letter, and asking God to remove these troubles, stop them from happening. We have a right to ask God to intercede. Oh God in heaven, sweep these troubles from Mark, once and for all, grand him and his parents strength. Only you Lord can make this occur, through the good hands of medical staff, parents and friends. Hear our prayers God and aplly your healing hands on Mark's shoulders and forehead, let him be healed Amen. The Russo's in New Jersey.

  3. I will pray for these to end and for mark to feel better. Love, aunt nancy